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#ScaryRepair Story Contest Winners!

Tonight is All Hallows’ Eve. Thanks to you, we’ve been officially spooked and entirely grossed out. We asked for your scariest repair tales and you delivered—bugs, barf, and a few dead rodents. If you don’t have the heebeegeebees now, you will in a minute.

Here are the top three scariest repair stories…

1.) Andre: A customer came into the small computer repair shop where I work saying her cat had vomited on her Retina MacBook Pro and it would no longer turn on. The moment she put her computer on the counter for me to take a look at I could smell the fine aroma. I checked her in, then went to work on it. The moment I pulled the base from the computer I was slammed by a wave of the pungent, nausea-inducing smell. It was so bad that I had to duck my head under my desk to avoid vomiting myself! Once I had gotten myself under control, I went back to the repair. There was green vomit goop jammed through the intake vents, accumulating in the free space between the battery cells. The motherboard somehow managed to avoid all damage, there was only slight corrosion on the I/O board! I cleaned the corrosion and removed all the vestiges of vomit and it only needed a replacement battery! The customer received a fully functional computer that only smelled faintly of cat vomit, and I reaffirmed my belief that cats really do hate MacBooks.

2.) Atilla: