Your #BlueAndBlack contest submissions warmed our fixer hearts

If you’ve been around here long enough, you know that Blue and Black are the colors of iFixit. And to celebrate Blue and Black Friday last week, we asked you to tell us what you’d fix with our seasonal tool bundles. Your ensuing submissions made us smile all Blue and Black Friday long—we heard from teachers, parents, independent repair technicians, home cooks, and even amateur pianists who had something to fix or mend. We promised we’d give 10 of our favorites some free bundles, so without further ado, here are the winning entries. We hope you enjoy reading their posts as much as we did 🙂

1. Passing on the Right to Repair ethos to the next generation:

@iFixit I’d like better tools to keep teaching my little girl the importance of the #righttorepair and of course we need to finish up these bad boys too

— Eduardo (@___ec__) November 26, 2018

2. Starting an independent repair business:

3. Fixing more than just electronics:

4. This ‘personalized’ animation:

@iFixit I would fix my DualShock 4 controller #BlueAndBlack

— Jack Meyoff (@JacksonSteffens) November 27, 2018

5. This community repair shop:

6. This fixer recreated our contest announcement graphic

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So here’s my personal iPhone 6 Plus which had a full restore, where talking new: charging port, housing, LCD, Rear Camera and battery. (Basically everything excluding logic board.) Of course proudly using @ifixit ‘s tools. Next step, LED Apple Logo! Forgot to mention but where also iFixit Mastertech’s📱 #blueandblack #ifixit #fix #fixing #repair #happycustomers #computer #technology #apple #new #modified #apple #mobile #iphone #ios12 #tech #technician #cheap #essex #blackfriday #busy #gadget

A post shared by Builder Bytes Essex (@builderbytes) on Nov 22, 2018 at 11:05am PST

7. Teaching robotics:

@iFixit I’m a teacher working on getting a weekend robotics program started, getting students used to putting things together and fixing their own things #blueandblack

— Subarudine Meth (@Subarudine) November 21, 2018

8. This teacher with 26 broken computers in his classroom:

@iFixit My classroom has 26 computers in it and at least half of them have something wrong with them, if I had a #Blueandblack it would be put to work pretty fast.

— Joe Selzer (@JoeSelzer) November 21, 2018

9. This technician bringing repair to a rural area:

If I won, I would use the tools to keep fixing devices! I run the only Tech repair shop within 40miles of my town and only use @iFixit parts! #BlueAndBlack

— Zane Wilkerson (@Zane_W_) November 22, 2018

10. And finally, this canine tinkerer!

Next up: MagSafe board replacement on an A1466! 🐶🔧@iFixit #RighttoRepair #BlueandBlack #fixinpup

— Jon H (@toohottofuss) November 26, 2018

Even though the contest is closed, keep on tagging us in posts with the hashtag #BlueAndBlack—we love seeing all the ways our community of fixers are putting our tools to use! And if you didn’t snag a seasonal tool bundle last week, it’s not too late to get one—we’re offering reduced prices on our Blue and Black toolkits all through December when you buy them in a bundle! You can shop our holiday gift guide here.